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Well hello there!

February 29, 2012

…And welcome to the Blog space of ‘Baker and Broome’. Not being entirely sure of what to talk about in my first ever blog, I thought an introduction to myself is probably as good a place to start as anywhere.

This is me. Claire (aka Baker) Broome. First and foremost I’m a (probably nagging) wife to Kris, and mother to Chloé and Oliver. But I am also a graphic designer based in Newport, South Wales. I graduated with BA (Hons) in Graphic Design from Blackpool and The Fylde College of Art and Design (part of Lancaster University) in 2001 and have been working in a fab agency in Newport for 10 years.

Like many graphic designers whose job is more a way of life than a 9-5 position, I find myself hovering around leaflet stands, buying irrelevant products – just for the packaging, and generally collecting any print-based paper material that makes my heart race and that I can refer back to with great pleasure – like an album of old photographs.

Some of my favourite print-based designs are from bespoke stationery products – in particular – wedding invitations and birth announcements. This is probably because they combine two of my favourite pastimes – A huge celebration (of which usually involves a party) and the desire to show off to the world in the form of an amazing piece of print.

The thought of producing a beautiful, sometimes quirky, bespoke keepsake for someone – representing their character and containing the details of their biggest moments in life – is a huge honour and responsibility. Outside of my ‘day’ job, I have designed countless stationery products over the years for family and friends (and myself of course), and each comes with a new challenge and level of excitement. I can honestly say that when it came to my own wedding in 2005, I was more excited about designing my stationery than choosing my wedding dress!

The Baker and Broome blog is a chance for me to show off some of my own designs, but also to share my interests, inspiration, passions, and who knows what else, to whoever wants to know! I’d love to hear your comments on future posts, and I hope you enjoy what I have to say!

Speak soon, Baker & Broome x

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